Make your room beautiful with attractive wall stickers

Stickers are used by many people to decorate their houses because they add beauty to their houses because it speaks more than just a design. Many parents who cannot afford the cost of designed walls with POP and other material, they usually preferred to use beautiful wall stickers. Children who get bore seeing their walls from such a long time they paste stickers of cartoon characters to transform the look of their rooms and make their room attractive.

Stickers – Best way of saving money

The cost of decorating a room can be very costly because all the tools, paints and products needed requires huge amount and also needs time to prepare and this thought of standing for hours sometimes make a person tired. If you think that your wall doesn’t have any requirement of painting then you can make use of wall stickers. All this can be done in a very affordable price and which will also help you to love your room again and make you live in your own home with more peace. The best thing of these stickers is, it doesn’t take too much time to apply and at last you get a good looking room that will give completely a new atmosphere.

Steps to apply

These stickers come in various styles and different packing. You have to perform few steps to paste it o the wall. The very first step you should keep in mind is - leave the painted wall for at least two weeks before pasting the stickers so that the paint can get dry properly in these weeks. Sometimes when you touch the wall it seems like it completely dried but in actual it is not.

To paste the stickers on the wall make sure that:

• Wall is completely dry

• Decide the exact position where you want to paste it.

• The right way to apply it is – hold the sticker and remove the back wrapper slowly while applying it on the wall.

• With the help of card and a solid piece remove the air bubbles if any.

• Rub the sticker with a soft spongy material that will make the sticker smooth on the wall.

Also if you see any bubble inside you can either make use of the pin to remove the bubble or can reapply it. After that again make use of the sponge material over the sticker so that it will look flawless and unbreakable.

If you want to decorate the room of your children, you can make use of wall stickers.

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