Steps to stick the wall stickers

Many people used sticker on their walls but all of them not found the correct way of applying it on the wall. But here you will get the steps of applying it on the wall. The first and the main thing to remember is take your full time while applying the wall stickers.

Prepare the wall – Firstly, check whether the surface where you are pasting is smooth and suitable or not? There are numerous options where you can paste those stickers namely, ceramic, plastered walls, and metal, smooth, stone and polished concrete. Normally, when a surface is smooth it will stick properly. The important thing you should consider before going to stick is leave the painted wall for at least two days because if you peel it after pasting it on the wall it will remove the paint and make the wall dirty. After that check whether the wall is free from Greece and dust because the dust in on the wall when stick to the sticker will not look flawless and will look dirty.

Check the sticker Pack carefully – Open the pack of the sticker and carefully examine it and compare it with the website and read the instructions carefully that come with the pack. And then compare the poster with the wall whether it will fit on your wall or it’s too large. The positive part of these stickers is that it can easily be altered with the help of a scissors or knife but if will look untidy if you will not cut it properly. One you will become successful in handling all the parts and dividing it into different parts it will become so easy for you to apply. In case, the sticker will come in one big format, then the step to use it - cut the extreme close corner of the sticker from its back and you will then have the transfer sheet which will help you to paste it easily.

Multi parts wall sticker – If you get the pack of sticker which is extremely large and wide don’t ever try to paste it along the wall in one go. It will be impossible for you to paste it exactly on the wall without complications. Arrange it in such a manner so that it can easily be handled and if there is any design which you can easily trim with the help of craft knife then go ahead in order to paste the sticker.

Once you go through with all these steps apply the wall sticker on the wall after cleaning the wall with a soft and dry cloth.

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